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Ruin is a village in the Central District of Esfarayen County, North Khorasan Province, Iran. Ruin is typologically a valley and morphologically linear. The Vesal Royan enjoys a traditional architecture and design. It has barbecue, traditional stove, porch, Wi-Fi internet, local guide, heating system, and local cuisine.

  • Vesal Royan Eco-Lodge, Ruin Village, Bojnord City, North Khorasan Province, Iran
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House belonging to the Qajar era, built with a desert-specific architecture, has been registered in the Iranian National Heritage List. The building has a central courtyard, a tower, entrance vestibule, wind catcher, a porch, and a bathroom. The ceilings are of dome type and the walls have been decorated by gypsum inscriptions. The most important part of the house is the tower, which has three floors for surveillance and conservation. The house has been used as an eco-lodge from 2016.

  • Qavamiyeh Eco-Lodge, Riab Village, Gonabad County, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran
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Hulwan is a village near Tabas County, which is famous for its beautiful desert. There is an eco-lodge in the heart of this village which adds to the beauty of Hulwan. The eco-lodge enjoying modern facilities has a traditional architecture; a pool in the middle of courtyard; the rooms’ windows opened into the courtyard; a yard with beautiful green spaces.

  • Setareh Kavir Eco-Lodge, Hulwan Vilalge, Tabas County, South Khorasan Province, Iran
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Radkan is a village in Radkan Rural District, in the Central District of Chenaran County, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran. The eco-lodge renovated in 2016 dates back to more than 150 years ago. It has been made based on a traditional architecture. The eco-lodge consists of an inner courtyard including a stables and a small pond and an outer courtyard with rooms, summer suites, pantry and water pond. In order to preserve traditional architecture, some of the rooms lack TV and bathroom. The baths are generally in the garden.

  • Arg Radkan Eco-Lodge, Chenaran County, Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran.
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Nanekolo Babakolo Eco-Lodge is located in Salmons Alley, Tabas village. Salmons, three brothers and two sisters, were artists. The mans all the musicians were barber. The women were weaver. Nanekolo was one of this girls and Babakolo was her husband.

  • Nanekolo Babakolo Eco-Lodge, Tabas, Sabzevar, Razavi Khorasan, Iran
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